Expert Restaurant Consultation

Expert Restaurant Consultation

Expert Restaurant ConsultationExpert Restaurant ConsultationExpert Restaurant Consultation

The 21st Century Universal Handbook for Restaurants

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How to Restaurant, Book Introduction

7pm - 9pm

James City County Public Library Williamsburg, Virginia

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How to Restaurant, Book Introduction

FREE clinic, book introduction and consulting. 

Each seat comes with a free book introduced and signed by the author himself.

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Event Details

7pm - 9pm

James City County Public Library Williamsburg, Virginia

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How to Restaurant

How to restaurant (book)

How to Restaurant is a unique How-To experience brought to you by author and restaurant consultant VFR. How to Restaurant is the official 21st Century handbook and step by step guide for employees, managers, and business owners, helping them excel and create a better experience for each other and the customer. VFR’s compassion for the worker and business owner unfolds in a well-articulated message aimed to produce common ground for everyone apart of the restaurant environment. No stone is left unturned in this psychological walkthrough. 


New Podcast Interview 12.

Growing up in helping the family business, a pizzeria in the Bronx, taught author, V.F.R. important lessons and skills of the restaurant business.

*Author, V.F.R. is featured on our next Author Spotlight!*

Now, an expert restaurant consultant, has used his years of expertise and knowledge to write the 21st Century Guidebook on how to run a restaurant successfully.

If you have a business or thinking about opening up, grab this book and make sure you have a foundation upon which to build long term success.

By: Joshua S. Kangley

how much is $15?

$15 can buy a round of drinks


After you all have your toast, the moment is gone and it will cost another $15 for the next round. Can you do this all night?

$15 can fill your belly


It sure can fill your belly, that one meal cost about an hour or two of your work life. Can you do this three times a day?

$15 can shift your life


Now that you've wasted $15 here and there.  Why not invest it in yourself? You fed your soul, filled your belly, now, feed your mind.


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