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Welcome to yet another fun and exciting series.   

The New! Facebook group, link located below, is for bloggers that want to get their work out there to new people and possibly connect. You are more than welcome to post a blog that would lead to you gaining followers on your platform, which essentially is indirect promotion for your brand. However, the post must be a blog.  keep it fair and respectful. All blogs are welcome however, offensive blogs will not be tolerated.  Only one rule, Respect one another or you will be kicked and banned from the group. Thank you. And Welcome to Bloggers of the 21st.  Every 21st of the month I will be holding a giveaway contest for the best Blog. You will receive a random prize which correlates with writing and rewarded Blog of the Month with a certificate produced by me.  

Motivational Lifestyle Blogs providing truth. 

Have fun and good luck!  

Link to new Group:

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