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Restaurant Consulting



    We here at Tiren have an extraordinary passion for employees and business owners. Your needs are essential, and success should be your destination. The goal of opening a business is to succeed, and your prosperity is vital to your local and national economy. However, success does not wait for you near the register. This is why we are here to ensure you are taking every step you should take to flourish in your business, specifically your restaurant. 

    Whether you are the owner, operator, or manager, you have taken a challenging first step into either getting your business off of the ground or back into shape. Allow us to help you with your needs because, after all, three minds work better than one, and we understand what it means to start from scratch, whether from the beginning or starting all over. The question you must ask yourself is, what are you willing to do to succeed? 

    Every business on earth has a phycological foundation because the company starts with an idea. The idea then becomes talked about; round table discussions, potential investors meetings, chats with your significant other. However, in the process of getting your business ideas together, have you sat down to consider what kind of employees your business needs? Do you have a plan for your employees to operate efficiently and effectively? Are your potential employees prepared to handle the phycological part of this industry? Are they guided with a manuscript with instructions or just your word? 

    While it is a fact that no humanmade structure can ever last a long life without a sound foundation, the same law applies to your business. When you are restarting a business venture or starting one from scratch, like infants, when first born, your employees and managers must be taught and raised into what you need them to become for your business to operate effectively, and that starts with the foundation of the mind. You can have all the money in the world and the most beautiful restaurant the universe has to offer but, without a great operational staff, your business will fail faster than what it took to open it. The truth is, your business should be treated like a child growing from an infant. And, after time, your business should be able to feed itself with the money it generates, not from your savings. 

Let's do this and make it happen. No more excuses, let's get your business thriving and where you want it to be. 


Consulting Plan

Step 1. Surveying (Optional but recommended)

If you need an expert critic or surveyor to have a sit down at your establishment and analyze the situation without notice, Tiren will step in and articulate where your business may need attention. Sometimes you need another set of eyes to assess the situation.

Step 2. The Eight Laws (Work Shop)

Laws are not made to be broken. Laws are the foundation of policy, and as long as procedures are being followed, then there should be a decrease of issues in the work environment. The restaurant or business environment comes with its inherent problems, why add them?

Step 3. Business Function (Work Shop)

How does a car function? Without going into schematics, think of the fundamentals of a vehicle. The first thing you will think of is the engine, the wheels, gas, doors, the body of the car, oil, windows, the list goes on. The vehicle can run and do without some of the things you think of when it comes to a car or truck; whatever comes to your mind, there are some things that a vehicle cannot go without. Let’s point out the fundamentals.

  • Engine
  • Steering Wheel
  • Tires
  • Gas
  • Gas and Brake Pedal

Let’s break these down into your staff and location of the restaurant/business.

  • Engine – Kitchen
  • Steering Wheel – Manager
  • Tires – Server/Bartender
  • Gas – Customer
  • Gas and Brake Pedal – Owner

It is as simple as that, and Tiren will come in to articulate the fundamentals of business to your staff. The entire picture should be broken down directly to each employee, respectfully and honestly, for them to understand your company better and show interest.

Step 4. Mentorship and Leadership

Tiren does not only sit down with your employees, managers, or even the business owner, we get in the pit with you. Oh yea, it is always a pleasure for us to get into the kitchen, floor, behind the bar, in your office or wherever the need is more significant. When you hire us to step in, we step in with both feet expecting to get down and dirty. Mentorship and Leadership are more effective when the leader and mentor get involved hands-on. We want to see what’s going on in your business, not only hear or read about it.

Step 5. Marketing and Promotions

Now that you have your team of employees ready to take the stage, how about now we bring an audience to enjoy the show. Your restaurant is a stage, and your customers are not only dollar, dollar bills, but they are your audience. Treat them that way, and let’s get ready to entertain their minds along with their belly.

Final Step. The Show

Everything from this point on is what you will reap  what you have sowed. Are you ready to rock the food industry?

Don't hesitate to call us, we are waiting to help get your business on the right track.